Welcome to Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce - Beta Site - Work in Progress.

Shelby, Michigan 49455 - Where the North Begins & The Fine Fruit Grows

Welcome to Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce - Beta Site - Work in Progress.

Shelby, Michigan 49455 - Where the North Begins & The Fine Fruit Grows

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Established in 1864 the mix of history and progress meld into a unique Village.

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Welcome To Shelby

Additional Information

Shelby  is on the verge of blooming. It is a family-focused, small town America  and even though the ravishing effects of the big box stores has taken  its economical toll on Shelby, its heart and soul stand firm. There is,  at present, a community need, desire and effort to build the town back  up to offering the goods and services that residents will no longer have  to travel a distance to obtain.

That’s where you come in.

Real estate is relatively inexpensive in Shelby. You will be  pleasantly surprised at how economical it can be. Shelby boasts business  and residential opportunities, with plentiful housing. Help us to grow  with your ideas and vision.

Shelby offers a fine school system. Many students from surrounding  areas select Shelby Public Schools as their “school of choice”. The town  revels in title-laden student sports and award-winning academic  achievements.


It is a very safe community and to help keep it that way, the Village  supports a full-time police department. They are more likely to bring  your wandering dog home from his walk, than chase non-existent  criminals! This exemplifies small town living at its best.

We have an excellent hospital, with its own community benefit  ministry extension office right downtown! The other hospitals are  approximately 30 minutes, north, south and east. 

It’s a bonus to have a  hospital in a village this size nowadays!

With approximately 750 homes within the village, you’ll find easy  walking from your home to the bank, post office, bakery, pizza and  hamburger joints.

Shelby is friendly – you’ll soon know your neighbors. It’s a diverse  village with a large Hispanic population. The cultures integrate  seamlessly in our schools, businesses and neighborhoods.

We have a Village Council that takes the needs of the Village  residents and businesses to task. The Village 

Council maintains a  full-time Department of Public Works, Police Department, Administrator,  Clerk/Treasurer.

Churches of multiple faiths pepper the Village and are within walking  distance. There are also a couple of industrial parks within the  Village limits that provide local manufacturing and job opportunities.

Recreationally, this is a paradise for all seasons. We are surrounded  by flowering fruit orchards and fields of green vegetables. The William  Field Rail Trail was founded here in Shelby and is suited for all ages!  

We are merely minutes from the sugar sand beaches of Lake Michigan. In  the winter, it’s not unusual to see a 

snowmobile cross the street (at  the assigned crossings!). For our size, we have extensive public parks,  with the older ones earmarked for upgrades. We believe that the Park  system is important for the community.


Where the North Begins and The Fine Fruit Grows


Our town is steeped in history, and ever-stable. Agriculture  surrounds us. The beauty of the fruit trees in the spring create  fantastic views as they blanket our hills in pastel hues. The bounties  of the harvests are immense, rich and oh so good! Our motto is, “Where  the north begins and the fine fruit grows.”
We are looking for real growth and hope you might consider moving  your family and business to our great community and make it even better.  Let us know your interests and come for a personal tour of the Village.

Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our one of a  kind Shelby area. We are located in Western Michigan and we hope to  make it your goal to live with, move to or visit us. 


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